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Joint Programs
International Cultivation

Joint-cultivation for the Ph.D students

49 persons from 09-11 including students for degrees

Bachelor students exchange programs

China-France “2 plus 2” (7 from 09~11)

Michigan University-Dearborn “3 Plus 2” (8 from 09~11)

Others (18 from 09~11)Japan, Italy, Singapore, Belgium et al

Master program for international students

English curriculum for Mechanical Engineering


Now, it is open for applying in WS 2012!

Academic Exchange

Attending and organizing international conferences

59 Ph.D students in the last three years

1st Opticfluidics in Xi’an 2012, IEEE ISAM in Xi’an 2013 et al

Lectures given by visiting professors

At least thirty times per year

American, Germany, English, Japan, Italy et al