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New Recruiting Plan with Decent Treatment

New Recruiting Plan with Decent Treatment:

School of Mechanical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Ranked among China's top universities and recognized at the national level for its goal to build a world top university, Xi'an Jiaotong University is currently recruiting young scholars with outstanding performance to make further breakthroughs in its basic science frontline and interdisciplinary research. The University has implemented “Young Talent Support Plan” with the aim of bringing together a number of emerging scholars who have demonstrated remarkable academic potential.

With more than 100 years of development, School of Mechanical Engineering (SME) has quite solid foundation for research and teaching. SME now possesses 8 national research or teaching bases (2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of High-end Manufacturing Equipment, Quality Science and Technology Research Institute, International Joint Lab of Micro-Nano Manufacturing and Testing Technology, State Key Lab of Manufacturing System, State Key Lab of Mechanical Structure Strength and Vibration, State Engineering Research Center of Rapid Processing, State Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Mechanical Base, State Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Engineering, etc.), 2 national off-campus field work bases for students (XJTU-Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Field Work Base, etc.), 9 labs or engineering centers affiliated to a province or ministry (Ministry of Education Key Lab of Modern Design and Rotor Bearing System, Key Lab of Shaanxi Provincial Quality Assurance and Diagnosis of Mechanical Products, Shaanxi Provincial Key Lab of Intelligent Robot, etc.). In 2011, the undergraduate program of mechanical engineering and automation got the engineering education accreditation (6 years), which got a high appraisal by Mary E. F. Kasarda, the Chair of ASME Engineering Education Accreditation Committee.

The school has several opening positions and along with the new recruiting plan, successful applicants will be offered with great support and a series of favorable policies in career development and personal well-being, including support of application for the national 1000 plan talent projects, academic teaming, research platform, housing and children's education. We strive to create an environment that enables young scholars to quickly grow into leaders and pioneers in their academic fields. We cordially welcome all to join our family. 
 Program details are as follows:
1) Basic conditions and requirements
I. The program is open to all interested individuals, domestic and overseas, as long as he or she has done research overseas for three years in succession.
i. The applicant is required to have high academic moral standards, be a lawful citizen and have a Ph.D degree. It is desired that the applicant be under the age of 40.
ii. The applicant should have made outstanding academic achievements in his/her field, being among the top talents in his/her contemporaries and have been well recognized by academic peers in the same field.
iii. The applicant should have a broad academic vision, great creativity, and potential for growing into leaders in his/her field.
iv. It is desired that the applicant have no full-time job in China; or it is less than one year (till June 1st.2016) since the applicant came back to work in China.
v. For applicants with extraordinary excellence, the age and working experience limit can be flexible.
2) Salary, benefits and other supports
I. Annual salary for each successful applicant starts is RMB 250,000 to RMB 350,000. Annual salary for those with extraordinary excellence is negotiable.
ii. Successful applicants could be employed as professors or doctoral student supervisors, with exclusive master or doctoral students.
iii. Successful applicants can obtain a starting-up research fund of 2 to 3 million RMB, plus 1 to 2 million RMB matching fund provided by the university.
iv. Successful applicants can rent or buy University housing; the University also offers a one-time settling-in allowance of RMB 350,000.
v. The University will offer the region's best-quality resources for children's education.
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